Who We Are

Tholoana is an agricultural cooperative incubated under the National University of Lesotho (NUL) Innovation Hub founded to: invest in and own fruit orchards as well as process and sell fruit based products in and out of the country. We aim to establish fruit orchards of the highest standards, safely guarded and secured with the best possible quality fencing.

Join Us

The coop is open for membership to Lesotho citizens residing inside or outside of the country provided they have an Identification Document (ID or Passport) and an active Bank Account in one of the banks in Lesotho. Members will make monthly deposits into the coop as their contribution which will be turned into shares. The contributions will be withdrawn from members’ bank accounts so the coop will be cashless and paperless.

How We Work

All transactions are electronic and conducted through a bank or mobile money, meaning, permanent records remain with the bank’s archive or mobile money’s provider to ensure that such transactions are traceable. In addition, it ensures transparency and accountability of the coop.

Our Mission

To become the largest, self-sustaining agricultural cooperative that establishes high standard orchards.

Our Vision

To transform the face of Lesotho’s agricultural business and landscape through professional approaches to business and services