As the first step, you pay a Membership Fee of M 200, and Initial Share Capital of M 50 (so you pay a total of M 250.00) to the following Bank Account:
Account No: 9080007805930
Bank: Standard Lesotho Bank
Branch: Roma Branch
Then send clear pictures of (1) your copy of ID, (2) your proof of payment to tholoanaorchardsoc@gmail.com.
Please note the following:
(a) You can still pay by electronic transfer. However, you will have to save and send a screenshot of the transfer as a proof of payment.
(b) Payments are not restricted to only Roma Branch. You can deposit at any Standard Bank branch close to you.
(c) Please become a member by visiting the register section of this website. Since we offer online services, you can become a member wherever you are in or outside Lesotho

(a) Any person who is a citizen of Lesotho can be member. (b) Members will make monthly deposits in multiples of M 50, into the coop as their contribution so as to grow the coop. The contributions will be withdrawn from members’ bank accounts so the coop will be cashless and paperless. Therefore members must have an active bank account in any of the banks in Lesotho. (c) In order for the orchards to keep growing in scale and reach, such contributions will be continuous, that means you will keep contributing as long as you are a member. (d) Each time there is enough money to create a single orchard or expand on the existing one, such orchard will be created or expanded!

(a) Suitable lands will be located. They will preferably be closer to the NUL Innovation Hub in the beginning. (b) Each orchard may be fenced for security. (c) There may be security guards in each orchard to enforce security. (d) Fruit trees will then be grown in a protected manner which might include the use of shade nets and smart but simple water collection methods.

(a) They may be sold as raw. (b) Some may be dried and packaged. (c) Some may be turned into juices and wines.

Members will get dividends proportionate to their relative contributions which will be studiously recorded. However, it is important to note that Tholoana is a long-term investment society. So dividends will take years to realize.